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Our Beef

All our beef is from West Country farms and is fully traceable to individual farmers.  Because we source and butcher whole animals in the traditional manner we can ensure the best quality for our customer.  Our beef is hung and matured for three weeks providing maximum flavour and tenderness.  


We trust our farmers to consistently provide us with the best quality animals. This means were confident in providing you with guaranteed tasty roasting joints such as topside and sirloin and succulent steaks including rump and fillet.


Casseroles and Stews; we also have traditional great value cuts like

ox-tail, stewing beef, shin and chuck. To add to this mouth-watering selection why not try some of our brisket or blade-ribs,

perfect for slow and pot roasts.


Our Lamb

As with our beef, we deal with whole sheep selected individually for quality and grade. Our close relationship with our suppliers enables us to provide our customers with a level of quality supermarkets aren’t always able to consistently achieve. All our lambs come from local famers and West Country suppliers.   They are hung and matured on average for about a week providing fantastic tenderness and flavour.  


Our Pork

Again we select our pigs from local and West Country suppliers. We ensure they are the best quality with a good covering of fat - which ,in our opinion, enhances the flavour and provides fantastic  crackling.  Popular cuts include leg, shoulder and loin roasting joint as well as juicy chops and belly joints and slices.



We sell fresh oven-ready chickens in all weight ranges obtained from local suppliers.  Our fresh turkeys and ducks are available to order throughout the year and individually selected via our local farm contacts.


For the deep freeze

We can offer whole or half carcases at special prices for the deep freeze providing a great value ‘nose to tail’ option. These can be jointed, cut and labelled to suit your individual requirements at no extra cost. We also have a full range of competitively priced packs for the freezer.


We always have offers available for the freezer and our manager is always free to discuss or quote for any requirement.  


For The Barbecue

We regularly have special promotions on our B-B-Q packs which include pork spare ribs, lamb rib-lets, steaks and chops.  All of which are available with a selection of glazes and sauces to enhance flavour. Our famous traditional Devonshire sausages and burgers are second to none for the B-B-Q. We make them fresh every day on the premises


We can advise and provide for any event or special requirement.


Cooked Meats and Deli

We cook a range of meats including ham, beef, pork and turkey on our own premises. All are presented in our specialist cooked meat department and are available either as whole joints or individually sliced. Don’t forget to look out for our famous award winning Devonshire hogs pudding and black puddings!


Pies and Pasties

We also sell a delicious range of pies and small pasties specially baked locally for us.  


For Dog Lovers!

With your meat purchase we will be happy to provide free bones for the family dog if required!


For customers who prefer to order by phone or email and reside  within a  catchment area of twenty miles we are pleased to offer a free delivery service,  details on request,  however there is a charge of £5.00 on  orders under the value of £25.00.